30 May 2014, St Joan of Arc (EF Missa Cantata)

30 May 2014, St Joan of Arc (EF Missa Cantata; 8.00 am)

Introit: Cantemus Domino, begin on D (as fa)

Greater Alleluia: Verse 1: Fecisti viriliter, begin on F (as fa). Men sing the verse; all rejoin at *in aeternum.

Verse 2: Nunc ergo, begin on D (as re). Women sing the verse; all rejoin at *Deum and repeat entire Alleluia after the verse.

Offertory: Benedixerunt eam, begin on F (as sol)

Communion: Si ambulavero, begin on A (as la)

Recessional, Regina coeli, PBC, p. 121, begin on E (as fa).

Dismissal from Mass I, as in Paschaltide apart from the Octave and Pentecost.

Mass I (Lux et origo). Credo II.

A Prayer for St. Mary of Victories

Our heavenly Father, / long ago you inspired our German forefathers in the Faith / to raise this beautiful house of prayer and sacrifice / in honor of your Son's most holy Mother, / Our Lady of Victories. Your Providence then brought many Hungarians here / under the co-patronage of the holy King, Saint Stephen. / We humbly place before you today / the spiritual and temporal needs of our historic church / and its present-day community. / Grant us the grace to discern your holy will, / and to fulfill  it zealously as faithful witnesses to the Gospel, / here in the old heart of our city, / for as long as it may please your Divine Majesty.

Saint Mary of Victories, pray for us!
 Saint Stephen of Hungary, pray for us!


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Our Lady of Victories, Pray for Us!  St. Stephen of Hungary, Pray for Us!
 Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam