27 November 2014, Mass of Thanksgiving Day, 10:00 am

27 November 2014, Mass of Thanksgiving Day, 10:00 am

Introit: Ego autem, begin on F (as fa)

Responsorial Psalm: We praise your glorious name O Mighty God, V2H, p. 89.

Offertory: For the beauty of the earth, p. 207, begin on F

Communion: Tollite hostias, begin on A (as re)

Recessional: Now thank we all our God, p. 221, begin on B

N.B. We'll sing all three verses of the recessional hymn.

Mass XVIII, PBC, p. 72, no Gloria, no Credo.

The Introit assigned in the current Graduale Romanum for the Votive Mass of Thanksgiving is that of Monday in the fourth week of Lent (Wednesday of week three in the EF Graduale). You will find it in the Graduale Romanum 1961, p. 132. Please print and bring with you. There are three phrases:

  1. Ego autem in Domino speravi
  2. exultabo et laetabur in tua misericordia
  3. quia respexisti humilitatem meam.

The Communion antiphon assigned is that of the 24th Sunday of the year. You will find notes there.

A Prayer for St. Mary of Victories

Our heavenly Father, / long ago you inspired our German forefathers in the Faith / to raise this beautiful house of prayer and sacrifice / in honor of your Son's most holy Mother, / Our Lady of Victories. Your Providence then brought many Hungarians here / under the co-patronage of the holy King, Saint Stephen. / We humbly place before you today / the spiritual and temporal needs of our historic church / and its present-day community. / Grant us the grace to discern your holy will, / and to fulfill  it zealously as faithful witnesses to the Gospel, / here in the old heart of our city, / for as long as it may please your Divine Majesty.

Saint Mary of Victories, pray for us!
 Saint Stephen of Hungary, pray for us!


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Our Lady of Victories, Pray for Us!  St. Stephen of Hungary, Pray for Us!
 Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam