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Two Thousand Aves Challenge

Two Thousand Aves

Dear Friends,

Lent is a time for reflection,prayer and alms-giving. This Lent we at St. Mary of Victories are thankful for our long 175 year history in St. Louis, and are seeking to keep our historic church going should that be God's will.  St. Mary's was built in 1843 when the Archdiocese was young and reached to the Canadian Border and out to the Rockies. It remains one of the few remaining pre-civil war liturgical and architectural treasures in St. Louis. The Louisiana Purchase had just happened 30 years prior, and German immigrants needed a home.  Later in 1957, we became a home to Hungarian immigrants who were fleeing Communist tyranny in Europe.  Today we're a home to those groups, and all of those who seek solid Catholic preaching and reverent liturgies that are in continuity with our great Catholic past, rather than at rupture from it.

As has happened many times in the past, we are struggling to keep our doors open.  We're reaching out to our friends around the world with a unique campaign:  "Two Thousand Aves".  We're asking for no more than ONE DOLLAR and One Hail Mary to help keep our historic community going for future generations of Catholics.  Of course, we wouldn't decline a larger gift, but we think that one dollar and a prayer to Our Lady is within everyone's reach!  Our prayer of course is for more people to join our congregation, and to have the resources to keep the doors open until that happens.  We pray that YOU can help us with this goal.

Of course, everyone making a small donation will also be added to our new Book of Intentions which will be kept on the Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos side altar.  As you may know, we are a sort of mini-shrine to Fr. Seelos - the miracle-working priest from New Orleans who preached at our Church 151 years ago this October.  We will remember all of these intentions at a Mass to be celebrated each month.

Please check back often to see how we're doing with our fundraising goal, by checking the red thermometer on the main page.  While you're here please listen to the marvelous homilies of our pastor Fr. Brian Harrison, who also happens to be a very well-known scholar.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!  Our Lady of Victories, Pray for Us!


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Our Lady of Victories, Pray for Us!  St. Stephen of Hungary, Pray for Us!
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