Oblates of Wisdom

holy spirit 1The Oblates of Wisdom

The priestly Society of the Oblates of Wisdom was founded in 1979 to foster love for Jesus through Mary and thus to promote the teaching of the Church in the light of her dogmatic, moral, and mystical tradition. By recourse to the intercession of Mary, we Oblates of Wisdom are able to live each succeeding day with the joy and hope that the Apostles experienced on the first Pentecost Sunday. Our call to holiness is the call of God, our Father, to unite ourselves to the Heart of Jesus, the Eternal Wisdom, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Seat of Wisdom. 

Oblates of Wisdom constantly seek to fortify their ordinary priestly life and ministry by organized study of the teaching of the Church and of the sources of Divine Revelation. They seek to understand the directives of the Second Vatican Council and to apply them to present circumstances in keeping with the tradition that forms the background of the Council. They strive to know and to live those holy traditions which justify and sanctify souls. They illustrate the truths of the Catholic Faith by learning to appreciate the deep aspects and the inerrancy of Sacred Scripture, using for this purpose a neo-Patristic approach which enables them to combat and overcome errors that are circulating in the Church today. 

The Oblates of Wisdom Study Center is currently located at St. Mary of Victories Chapel rectory.

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The Marian Academy of the Oblates of Holy Tradition

The Marian Academy of the Oblates of Holy Tradition is an association of Roman Catholic lay men and women set up under the direction of the Society of the Oblates of Wisdom for the glorification of God and the sanctification of its members through courageous opposition to the evil traditions of the world, the flesh, and the devil.   

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A Prayer for St. Mary of Victories

Our heavenly Father, / long ago you inspired our German forefathers in the Faith / to raise this beautiful house of prayer and sacrifice / in honor of your Son's most holy Mother, / Our Lady of Victories. Your Providence then brought many Hungarians here / under the co-patronage of the holy King, Saint Stephen. / We humbly place before you today / the spiritual and temporal needs of our historic church / and its present-day community. / Grant us the grace to discern your holy will, / and to fulfill  it zealously as faithful witnesses to the Gospel, / here in the old heart of our city, / for as long as it may please your Divine Majesty.

Saint Mary of Victories, pray for us!
 Saint Stephen of Hungary, pray for us!


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Our Lady of Victories, Pray for Us!  St. Stephen of Hungary, Pray for Us!
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